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iPhone 8 plus home button rapid firing after LCD replacement?

I recently did a screen repair on an iphone 8 plus. Everything was working fine, it was a routine screen replacement. The home button came out intact, but as I tested it out with the new screen the home button became extra sensitive. It rapid fires as I press it down it shows the recently used applications instead of using siri. Has anyone else had this problem before? Is there a fix for it or should I just send it in to apple for repair?

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I would try it on the original screen first, to see if the issue is screen related or not. The HB flex of the replacement screen could be damaged or defective. If the problem also occurs on the original screen, then closely inspect the actual HB Flex. If it is damaged, it may be repairable but that depends on where the damage is and it would require a microsoldering repair.

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I’ve had this happen before and it was actually an OEM screen that fixed the issue. It would rapid click like 4-5 times over and make the screen shake. Other after market screens that were tried left the home button either not working and/or unable to activate touch ID. OEM screen worked fine though.

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