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También conocido como Samsung on5 (2016) con el número de modelo G-570. Un cuerpo metálico delgado con vidrio Corning Gorilla y chipset cuádruple exynos 7570.

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My Samsung Galaxy J5 Phone is not turning on.

I have looked through many websites about how to fix these but the problem is non of them work. They all say things such as hold down - Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down Button - but none of these work. I have tried many things and this has happened before but I cannot remember how to fix it. I need to fix my phone because I would not have enough money to buy a new phone. Oh, and i tried pushing down the Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down Button for the first time and it just flashed a light blue screen for around half a second, after that it hasn’t done it since.

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Dear Harry,

Can you check the battery is properly connected.

Use other battery to check the status.

it may happen 2 causes

  1. not getting enough power to drive the device from battery. (Change battery if the battery not working Properly , but first check battery and mobile have proper connection)
  2. the firmware missing. (flash new firmware)

All the best Harry.

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