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iPhone 6s not charging

I have a iPhone 6s that was taken abroad to a 3rd world country and was used on bad electricity that fluctuates and damages normal phones.

I've taken it to the Apple store and they said it can't be fixed and to buy a new one but they just want the money. Bought a official lighting and plug from there too.

Then went to a highstreet oho e repair store. They said they would fix it, and that the problem was that the battery needs replacing, the charging port needs replacing and that there was a software issue.

I then went home and replaced the battery and charging port myself.

The batter works because it turned on. But it didn't charge after that. I thought I connect it to my PC and see what software issue there may be. But it isn't recognized by iTunes. So I can not reset it or update it.

The cable connects, and is recognised by the iPhone because when the battery died and the phone turned off. And I tried to turn it back on, it showed a batter sign with the small red on it. I took off the charger and it started showing the connect charger sign, with the charger and lighting at the bottom. I put it back on and it shows just the red battery again.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the hardware but just the software now. But I do not know I I can do anything if it won't be recognised by iTunes. And btw the new batter is fine because it lasted a decent amount of time when I out it on. Any solutions to this 'software issue' ?

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Oh dear.

This is is not a better issue. The charging port would generally not be the cause at all.

This is very very very likely to be a component issue. The tristar chip is very common to go bad,especially from a power surge or bad power flow. This chip is responsible for communicating with the lightning cable plugged in. This is very likely why iTunes and charging won’t work.

JESSA JONES at is very very good at fixing this stuff. She is very advanced and one of the BEST iPhone repair people in the World. She fixes this kind of issue all the time. I’d return the other parts if you can. I would ask Jessa about the repair.

It could be fixed by you,but it would take so much practice to diagnose the issue and solder on the new chip. It can be a bad capacitor too. Jessa is probably your best chance right now. Jessa Jones is the owner of that repair center. She associates herself with ifixit,and does many YouTube videos on repairs. Just google it. She has hundreds of videos. She’s done a few with ifixit too.

Good luck.

also,if it’s important to recover your data,and that’s all that’s important,putting in a fresh battery…buy a 3rd party charger and charge the battery externally,insert the battery in the iPhone and use iCloud to back it up.

im very sure Jessa could repair it though!

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Yeah sounds like Tristar chip to me.

A common symptom of it would be charging on wall charger but not when plugged to computer, also not recognise don't computer.

The old battery was probably still fine as faulty charging chip can't charge dead flat batteries while good ones can.


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