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Slow and fluctuating transfer speeds in Finder on High Sierra iMac Pro

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar.

I bought my iMac pro back in June, and I’ve been experiencing weirdness regarding finder transfer speeds.

I work in data management in the film industry, and while copy / paste-ing let’s say about 700 gb between my fast RAID setup and an external hard drive, the finder will tell me that it will take about an hour to copy these 700gb worth of files.

But then 40 minutes later it’ll say 8 hours or so. Unless I start working on the mac again (move the mouse etc) then the speed picks up again.

And it’s also been slowing down transfers to drives that I just bought.

Is this a High Sierra issue, or is this an iMac Pro issue?

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I would suspect a lack of available “scratch disk” space.

Click the Edit application (Mac) menu, point to Preferences, and then click Performance. Select the check box next to the scratch disk you want to use or clear the check box to remove it. Some applications hold scratch disk space as long as the application is open. To delete scratch disk space you must close the application.

Also how much RAM are you using and is this when using a particular application?

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As this was just a copy / paste function in the Finder (no application used), I don't think a scratch disk setting would change things (is there such a thing in the Finder? ).

The thing is, if I use terminal to copy the files, this slowdown doesn't happen. It only happens when I either drag&drop or copy/paste in the finder.

I'm beginning to suspect High Sierra.

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