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The Nextbook Ares 8A is an Android tablet released March 2017.

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What can I do to unfreeze it?

i did a factory reset and it starts back  the Nextbook screen pop up and it don’t go any farther after it suposed to reboot back up. the Nextbook screen is stuck on it.

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hello Edric H, im John. with a frozen device i would start by taking the battery off and letting it sit for a day. On your tablet you have to remove the back cover and the battery is the square silver smooth block just under the main board. It would plug into the main board with a connector that has about four to five wires in it. Just take a pair of tweezers and get under the wires and lift up evenly. Fold back, let sit for a day, reinstall and plug the tablet in and let full charge before turning it on. If you have any question feel free to contact me.

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