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The water filter is leaking

The GE refrigerator is 2 years old. I’m in this house for about 1 year now and I replaced the filter once already. After 6 months, the water filter light came on again, and so I bought from GEappliances online a set of three new water filters MWF exactly the same as the one being replaced. The instructions says something about align the arrows and turn to the right until it stops. The arrow in the filter doesn’t have another mark to align to, but I managed to fit it in and twist to the right until it sops. However, it immediately started to leak. I took it out and try again, still leaking. Try for a third time, completely out and then in again twist it until it seemed it fits and turning more until it click and then it stops….still leaking. What’s the problem? I bought it as a genuine part from GE directly.

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I’d replace the water filter head like this":

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Look at O ring and inspect it for wear/tear and b sure to note that it properly sits between filter and housing. If problem still persist be sure to contact manufactur for potential recall on manifold.

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