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What is the best glue/adhesive to use on a peeling bodyboard?

I will be going to Mexico for my Thanksgiving break and I was starting to pack things today. I usually bring my bodyboard with me so I can do some bodyboarding in the ocean near the hotel I stay in.

The problem I am facing is that the bottom of the board is peeling away from the rest of the board in one of the corners. See image.

Block Image

Things I have tried…

  • Gorilla Glue and Krazy Glue; they both dissolve in the salty water of the ocean
  • A hotel employee offered to try some of the glue they have on the corner, it dissolved too. I do not know the brand of the glue they tried.

Keep in mind that if you recommend a certain glue/adhesive it must be able to withstand the salty waters of the ocean.

As a last resort to this problem I will use Flex Tape to tape the board together.

@mayer I will be scarce starting this upcoming week starting Saturday. Hold down the fort for me.

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Here’s how to do it, use construction adhesive or liquid nails:

What is the best glue/adhesive to use on a peeling bodyboard?

Have a great trip!

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@mayer Thank you! I will try liquid nails and report back the results once I get back from my vacation (so I can make sure the salty water doesn’t dissolve the adhesive).

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I bought Flex Glue and glued the board together. Time will tell if it stands up to the ocean or not.

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I put Flex Glue to the test today and used that bodyboard today. It still holds strong!

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@ajcooke01 I take it you are back form Mexico

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@mayer No, I am in Mexico for a week! I will be back in Colorado on Sunday.

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I have a cheap-o board I am going to fix the plastic slick on the bottom with a tube of Liquid Nails - Interior Exterior Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive.

I will write back in a couple of weeks.

Also, if it is just the rails on the side or a ding in the bottom slick - recommends just hot glue.

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