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Lost grounding strap while changing battery. Is it needed?

When changing out to a new battery I have misplaced or lost my grounding strap. Is there a substitute I could use to ground the battery? If not, is there someplace I can purchase one.

Will the Ipod function without it?

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iPod Nano 1st Generation Battery & Logic Board Replacement

Found small braided copper line....will try and use it for the same purpose.

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is there any way you could post a quick pic of the location of the ground strap you misplaced? I do think I know which one you are taking about, just wanting to making sure.


ah......I see the confusion i have created....apologies.

The grounding wire I am referring too is located inside the Ipod nano. When I replaced the battery, the instructions (step 9) said to remove the batteries ground strap which connects the battery to the logic board.

I can not seem to find the piece once I removed it and am looking for a solution to connect the logic board back to the battery.

sorry for the confusion....i understand the wrist tethered grounding strap.


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mlagerton,the connector is needed in order complete the circuit path for the iPod. So if anything, I would try to see if you can either find the one you lost, or try to pick one up on ebay or even a broken ipod on craigslist or the local pawnshop. Good Luck

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Thanks oldturkey03.....still having issues trying to find any. I have bid on 4 phones now on ebay....but won't go to the $30 mark just for the grounding strap. I'm a bit surprised no one offers them. Let me know if you want to sell yours.....

Thanks again



Hi M, just read your comment and it says you are bidding on phones ;-) misprint ?


OK....will do. Thanks


let me know if you have trouble finding one. I think I might have an 1st gen in my grabbox somewhere:-)



thanks for the feedback...still having trouble finding the grounding strap. i bid on a few phones looking to grab it for parts.....but even those guys wanted 20bucks for a non working ipod. i then tried bidding on working phones but was not interested in going over $10 bucks for luck.

think you may be willing to sell your grounding strap?




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I am in the same boat on an old nano I brought back from the dead. So does it ground from the back of the click wheel to the back of the case? The photos on line are not clear. The best photo seems to show a thicker silver pad attached on the board end and then taped to the back of the click wheel. I suspect this is why my wheel is not responding.(I tried 2 wheels and neither worked, so I suspect this missing strap at the moment.)



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Joe Sorrentino sounds like a different ground. Click on the link "Ask a question" on the right hand side of this page and give as much info as possible. Right now your question looks like an answer ;-)


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not sure if this helps but i just brought a new headphone jack it it comes with the grounding strap, and it only costs under £5



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