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Unidad My Passport de Western Digital. Disco duro externo portátil USB 3.0.

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Hard disk not showing in Finder and Disk Utilities in Mac

Hi everyone,

A few months ago I accidentally unplugged my My WD My Passport for Mac HD and since then it won't mount. It only flashes when connected and won't show in Finder and Disk Utilities. It is, however, detected in System Report, as shown on the screenshot here.

Please can someone advise what I should do? My years of important personal and work files are stored in this.... Thanks guys!

Block Image

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can you comment the link to the specific hard drive you are referring to?

If you have another computer, you can always try it on there and tell me if it works on that pc/laptop.

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Also, if all else fails and your drive is determined to be dead you can take your drive to a data recovery center and have them recover the data on the drive for you.

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I think this page explains your situation…

and it provides a suggested solution which sadly involves using a windows computer to clear a flag some place in the drives filesystem metadata content.

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There are more advance disk utilities that should fix things, see if this works: Drive Genius 5 The next thing you could try is a data recovery app sometimes that works Data Rescue 5 There are other utilities like these, I’ve just found these two work for me.

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