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Can I create a JBOD with my boot drive?

i want to add a hard drive caddy to add another hard drive to my mac, and i want to create a JBOD combining the hard drive in the hard drive caddy with the hard drive included with the mac. is it possible? will i encounter problems?

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I wouldn’t recommend it. JBOD’s disk sets don’t have any protections. So if either drive has a problem, both drives data is not accessible and useless! As laptops bounce around you are at a higher risk of loosing your data.

JBOD disk sets are useful for data sets that exceed a single drives storage space. Like a large image data base or video’s which make up a movie while it’s being edited. Even still these are more often placed on external RAID drives (RAID-5 or RAID-6). With RAID you need to have the same size & kind of drives and they need to use the same I/O.

JBOD doesn’t care about size or kind or even the I/O. But, you’ll pay for it! The storage of data is random! So you’ll see spits and spirts within your data access across the drives.

The better direction is just get a much larger drive and if you can swing it get a SSD.

As far as your system using the optical drive to host a drive …

You’ll want to review this page: OWC Data Doubler to see what your system is able to support for drive. Apple has a problem within some of its systems so even though the system appears to support a faster I/O SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) it can’t really do it. In these systems you need to use a fixed SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) drive (one that only runs at SATA II).

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It is possible, this function called “fusion drive”.

Problem will be, if one of your disk will fail, you lose all data.

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A Fusion Drive is not a JBOD drive set!

A Fusion Drive is when you have a SSD & HDD and the OS treats the SSD as a cache drive. You functionally only have the storage of the HDD only. It's more like a RAID-1 mirror drive config.

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I agree a Fusion drive is not a JBOD RAID, but the SSD is more than just a cache drive. If you look in Disk Utility, the Fusion drive is the combined sizes of the two physical drives (like JBOD), but the OS, and frequently used apps and files are kept on the SSD. The stuff on the SSD will change if your usage changes. It basically tries to keep all your commonly used stuff on the faster SSD to give the best performance (combining the price benefit of a big HDD with the speed of a small SSD).

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