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La Canon EOS Rebel T1i, también conocida como EOS 500D, se lanzó en 2009 como una cámara réflex digital de lente única de rango medio.

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My camera wont turn off, unless I remove the battery.

My Canon EOS 500d works fine, until i want to turn it off, and the switch does nothing. The only way to turn the camera off is to remove the battery!

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It may be that the actual connector on the power button has failed with time (it is a 2009 camera..that’s a lot of button presses?) or there is something obstructing the connection (like spilled drink/dust). Try spraying compressed air to clear any debris, use a cottontip/toothbrush with isopropyl alcohol to clean any sticky stuff. Failing that you will need to remove the outer case (and quite a few other parts) to access the power button/board and change it.

This is quite a good video of the process to open the camera.

powerboard ($40-100+) is available on ebay as is the connector ($14).

Good luck

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