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Pantalla de 27" con resolución de 2560 x 1440 píxeles Conexiones de cable Thunderbolt y MagSafe

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Thunderbolt Display Power Supply Buzzing

Think it may be a transformer, caps look ok. Happens most when under load (magsafe and Thunderbolt connected to Mac) but buzzing will start if display is left plugged in overnight.

Anyone else experienced this?

I am hoping to repair instead of replace the power supply.

Update (12/15/2018)

Per this video:

"you can fix that by changing the suppression capacitor its a 0,22 uf marked as a 22k275v x2 mine was a carli orange i changed it by one with wires the store told me it is beter to prevent buzzing in belgium it only costs 0,75 cent a lot less than a new psu"

I changed the cap and everything seems good so far! :)

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Yes, it is entirely possible that this is one of the transformers. As in pinpointing, that will have to be your job. There is no way we can do his remotely.

See if you can setup your display in a way that you can narrow it down. Otherwise, you will have to start replacing components until you have it narrowed down, which would be a PITA.

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