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Unidad My Passport de Western Digital. Disco duro externo portátil USB 3.0.

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How to open spindle/platters of WD My passport?

I have opened the HD Case and the casing of the HD. I wanted to remove the platters and shift them to the new HD so to recover the data. But i am unable to unscrew the Spindle. its having a single screw in center of the disk . Can anyone suggest how its done ? How can i remove those platters (where data is stored) in MY Passport External HD.

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Data recovery is way beyond average DIY. If you need to ask but have already opened up the drive, your data is already dead.

HDDs must be opened in clean room environment, the donor drive must be the EXACT SAME model, there are special tool and procedure to transplant the multi platter drive and keep the alignment. Afterwards you stil need to transplant the HDD’s calibration data from one controller board to the next. And then maybe you are lucky enough to get the data.

Basically it’s something like this, randomly googled YouTube video, not endorsing anything. single platter multi platter

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Bottom line: Don't even try if the data is that important! Let someone with the proper skills and tools do it.

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