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The Asus VivoTab Smart is a colorful 10.1" Windows 8 smart tablet released in November 2012. It comes with an Intel CPU for multimedia enjoyment.

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Replacement of digitizer, but no touchscreen


I am following the manual of ifixit for replacing LCD screen of my tablet: Asus Vivotab smart. As screen frame crashed and touchscreen didn’t work anymore.

Now after installation of new digitizer, I don’t have touchscreenr. B.t.w. I tested touchscreen with my old digitizer as well (as parts of the screen did still have touchscreen before reparement) but exactly the same response: Windows start up to start screen, but then it doesn’t respond to touch anymore.

What went wrong?

The lcd/digitizer don’t need the frame covered for touchscreen isn’t?

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Can you connect a mouse to this tablet? (a keyboard would be okay, but just take longer) We are going to need to right click Start and open Device Manager to see if it is just a driver issue. Any USB mouse will do if you have an adapter to allow it to connect to your tablet.

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I have connected a mouse to my tablet.

Will check whether device manager gives some issues today and update.

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I wouldn’t be surprised this is the issue (quote from another post on this forum):

Apparently there are 3 different versions of this digitizer , and you need to make sure you have the right one , you can check on your original digitizer flex to see what version you need.

I have bought the digitizer from the webshop on this site, though.

Anyway, something to check.

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Geez, I realize I replaced the LCD.

The digitizer is the glass frame on it, right?

I thought I can test the replaced LCD with the old (cracked) glass frame (digitizer) and have touchscreen.

But the glass frame is responsable for responding to touch?

Should I simply buy the frame and everything is fixed?

I haven’t bought this one yet. Only parts for replacement of the LCD.

The title of the manual: Replace digitizer should be actually: Replace LCD, I guess.

Maybe I have two good LCD’s right now.

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