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Un teléfono inteligente Android producido por Samsung Electronics presentado el 2 de diciembre de 2015.

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Black screen after drop

My phone fell on the floor and after the fall the glass on the back was shattered, but the display didn't show any visible damage. The phone still worked, though. After a short time I noticed that the lower part of the touch display was "deaf", no longer responding to touch. Further later, areas of the lower display stopped working and remained black. I shut down the phone and started it again the next day and since then the display is completely black and also the backlighting of the buttons doesn't work anymore. I opened the phone and checked all the flex cable plugs, unplugged and plugged them in again, but it didn't work. I also tried to boot the phone into recovery mode but also no effect.

Do you have any suggestions what else I could try?

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Blank screens after drops are common after a pretty hefty drop.

Are you noticing anything vibrations when turning on the device? If so, it could mean that your LCD is just damaged and needs to be replaced. You could also attempt to see if there are any cracks behind the glass with good lighting.

If you’re able to get another LCD that would be a way to determine it. The other test is if you have another A5 you can swap your board over to make sure it isn’t board damage related. This is just to knock out any other issues with the device.

Good luck

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Thank you for your reply. I can notice a vibration when turning the phone on so it is not completely damaged.

Actually I can see a very thin crack going through the display. So I guess I have to replace it completely. But why does the button backlighting not work? If I understood it correctly the backlight is controlled via a dedicated flex cable. Or is my assumption wrong and the actual backlight is from the LCD itself?

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Tricky without the screen. Possible the phone could be in a power saving mode? I don't think the LCD powers the lights, but the phone is a mini computer so that could still be the case. When you disassemble the device you can take a look at the cables underneath the LCD and see if it is damaged. Just take your time during the removal process because cables are sensitive and can break easily. Something tells me that when you connect the new LCD it will probably work again.

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Blank screens after drops are common after a pretty hefty drop.

This drop has potentially caused the display connector to dislodge itself from the main board. I would recommend that you take the phone to a qualified service technician to determine if the connector has become loose.

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Sorry, but this answer isn't really helpful. I already tried what you suggest (as written in the post).

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If you have checked if the connector is loose and doesn't appear to be loose then the problem may lie in the screen itself. A phone screen has a pcb which is for the purpose of displaying the image and receiving touch input. This PCB could be severely damaged and would require a full replacement of the screen.

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You're right but what you say is exactly what Juax wrote.

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