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Unidad My Passport de Western Digital. Disco duro externo portátil USB 3.0.

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Cannot mount on Mac

My passport was connected to Airport extreme and I got a “Disk needs repair” message. No noise on the hard drive.

Connected the external HD to my Mac but it won’t mount. I tried mounting with `diskutil mount /dev/pathToDisk` and `diskutil mount readOnly /dev/pathToDisk` but it won’t mount. The disk is formatted in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format (HFS+).

I downloaded WD Drive Utilities software to check the HD and it passed WD checks.

I am not sure what to do. I cannot loose the data inside the HD (should have had a backup, I know =/) and it doesn’t mount.

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Does Disk Utility even see the drive?

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are you getting any kind of error in you mac or any message

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Disk Utility sees the Drive, but First Aid fails with error code 8, and mounting via the CLI does not work. No error messages, only when I plug the drive on the Airport extreme, which alerts me the drives need to be fixed.

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I think you’ll need to use a more advanced disk repair app like Drive Genius or your other option is to ship the drive out to a data recovery service like Drive Savers

Hopefully you didn’t use the built-in 256-bit AES Encryption with WD Security software as then you would have no means to recover unless Western Digital has a recovery option which you’ll need to talk with them. WD may also offer a recovery service if the drive is still under warranty so it maybe worth your effort to check that direction first.

Update (09/30/2018)

I’m happy you were able to recovery your files!

I’m not sure I follow your direction here…

The first question: do you have your AirPort on a Surge suppressor or better yet a UPS. The issue is if the AirPort lost power (and via the USB connection the drive as well) so the wink out of power was the cause.

The second question: If this is your backup solution then I would recommend a better drive system. I don’t like one drive solutions as they put your data a risk. I use a RAID 5 solution

If you want to try to salvage your drive I would recommend you do a complete wipe and restore your data. I would still be cautious on depending on it.

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Hey Dan. I was fortunate to have formatted it right from the beginning to the HFS+ file system and did not use any encryption. I got another hard drive and I am currently imaging the WD hard drive just in case.

I download software from Ontrack and it seems that it can "fix" my hd, but I am still waiting for the imaging to be complete (it turns out it takes awhile to copy 2TB).

I will check Drive Genius but it seems similar to Ontrack's solution. Thanks for the comments! :D

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@danj I ended up going with your suggestion. I bought their Data Rescue software and I was able to recover all files from the hard drive, and keep their folder structure (which was something some other softwares wouldn't do). I wonder if there was a way to "repair" the drive so that I could avoid copying the files over, then formatting the drive that had the logical error, and copying them back.

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