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{A1989 / EMC3214}-Lanzado en Julio de 2008, el MacBook Pro de 13 pulgadas cuenta con el procesador Quad-Core i5 e i7 y gráficos integrados Intel Iris Plus.

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Where is the microphone located? MacBook Pro 2018 + How to mute it!?

Were is the microphone on the MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2018?

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(somewhere here, but where!?)

You remember that pic of Marc Zuckerberg? I would love to put a tape on my Macbooks Mic as well :) (mute it ;))

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Sorry guy you really can’t muffle it unlike the older models.

Apple has three! Yes, three mikes located in the upper case. If you mess them up you’ll create other problems.

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Unless you’re running Windows straight up your system is safe from audio snooping. While I fully understand the concern, Mac’s are very safe from being RATed both visually or audibly. Apple takes all forms of security very seriously! No other company is as tight as Apple.

Update (09/26/2018)

The problem is you can’t block them effectively and you’ll end up messing up Siri and the keyboard noise cancelation

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@danj "Mikes"? Lol!


thank you!! sounds like a reasonable reply! Anyway let's wait a little more - maybe someone finds the spots to place some sticker like Marc Zuckerberg did on his Macbook Air at the side!


where are the mic's on your picture exactly?


@albertnut The little things that look like gold nuggets


thank you Aaron - looks like you are right! :(


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