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Third generation Surface Pro tablet, released June 20, 2014.

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Surface pro 3 not booting

Hi everyone,

three days ago i made some windows updates and on restart my surface pro 3 wont get past the surface logo, no spinning dots, nothing.

It wont boot even from usb sticks or dvd reader.

I tried with a full discharge and with various uefi settings (like disable secure boot, delete keys etc.). I even managed to remove the screen without breaking it to disconnect the battery, but nothing seems to work.

Do you guys have an idea on what to do before i put it in the bin?


Aggiorna (26/03/2019)

I solved the problem and I’m leaving this as a reference for eventually other people experiencing the same issue.

After months of struggling i conviced myself that the problem could reside in the uefi probably caused by a bad update, i was right and i will explain the steps to restore your surface in case you need it.

You will need the following:

  • Hot air station to remove the uefi chip
  • A raspberry pi to flash the uefi chip

You will need to open up the surface so follow the iFixit teardown guide, use playing cards to remove the display and be very careful not to break it. Soften the glue with hot air and take your time, it’s possible to remove it without breaking it.

Access the motherboard and desolder the uefi chip (programming in place was not working for me).

Connect the uefi chip to the raspberry pi following this guide:

Dump the chip content to have a backup.

Download a working uefi image from here: (thats the only one that i could find, even if its from a different motherboard version it eventually worked fine in the end)

Flash the new firmware and solder again the chip on the motherboard.

Everything should work now, reinstall windows and do all the updates.

The only problem i found so far is a little slower startup time but i’ll live with it.


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Problem solved, see main post.

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Have you tried 64Bit Windows? If it's not booting still, try a live GParted USB, and clear all partitions, from there you can install windows.

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Yes i tried 64 bit windows, and thanks for the suggestion but GParted doesn’t work as well.

It simply seems that it is not able to boot from anything, in the past i made a windows 10 stick at least 2 times and it always worked.

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Try booting it off a linux live usb:

Great job on taking off the screen, I have done quite a few screen replacements and data recoveries on this, only managed to get the screen off without cracking it once.

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Thanks Ben, but that didn't work.

Maybe windows started a firmware update and something went wrong, i don't know... i also tried making a usb firmware update stick following this guide : but of course that didn't help either.

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Have you tried another flash drive? Using an External Hard Drive always worked for me.

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tried with some different flash drives and even an external hdd... no luck unfortunately.

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