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It was a six-wheeled tank with a front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp, and a keypad on top.

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No Power for the photon light, the keyboard or the motor.

This big trak is the late 1970s model.  Many years this big trak was stored in an attic where the summer heat was very high and the winter was cold.  When cleaning the attic I found my old toy and hoping to get it running again.  It was not stored with batteries.  Could the motor and electrical system be ruined from the years of the heat and cold in an attic.  New batteries, four D and one nine volt and not a sound of movement.  Do you have any suggestions, can it be fixed?  I would like to see it run again or should I take it to the recycling center?

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Wow! What a coincidence, as I just found one of these in my parents basement. Manufactured the same year too. My parent’s basement is heated and cooled so the one that I found works okay. For your situation you probably are gonna have to throw it out, sad to say. The electrical in these toys are susceptible to damage in high heat situations as well in extreme cold situations too. Sorry to say it but it is probably dead… ;-(

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Thank you for your reply. I felt a little disappointed but feel you are right, that the extreme temp differences have ruined the big trak. I seen there are used big traks on amazon for twenty-five to forty-five dollars. Even if I could find a new motor and keyboard, it would cost more than one on amazon. I might as well put the big trak in the recycle center. Again, thanks for your in put.

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@kah116 No problem! Rest in Peace Big Trak :,(

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