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Low audio on front facing Camera during video record

I have replaced iPhone 6 display. Al works fine, except front facing camera when i record video, audio it si very low, like it’s mute becouse is very hard to hear. It’s strange becouse audio in rear camera work fine during video record, calls, and voice record.

thanks you

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This problem is cause by a misalignment of the frontal microphone. On the front earphone grill, inside of the screen, there should be a sticker where the microphone sticks to. There is a hole off to one side (left in this case when the screen is open and in front of you)

Block Image

On the microphone, there are 2 holes on the ribbon cable. One hole is to align with a plastic pin, and the other hole is on the opposite side and center of the little metal box (microphone) That hole in the center needs to align with the hole in the sticker to let the sound through.

Block Image

Block Image

Let me know if that helps! You can notice on my screen that there is a clear plastic over the sticker for the microphone that needs to be removed first for the microphone to stick. Also, do check if your microphone hole is blocked on the ribbon cable form the old sticker or dirt!

Best of luck :) You got this!

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Are those pictures you took yourself? If so, nice add to your answer!


@refectio That they are. I just got my new microscope camera a few weeks ago. Its kinda funny though, you can see in my picture that I would probably have a microphone problem too if I just stuck it on there. The hole needs to be another mm to the right or so - so I would stick my tweezers in there and expand it some towards the headphone speaker. I know you probably know that, but thought it might be another nice addition


You are the best


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