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A1706 / EMC 3071: lanzado en noviembre de 2016, este Macbook Pro de 13 "presenta la barra táctil OLED. Cuenta con una CPU Intel Core i5 de doble núcleo" Skylake "y cuatro puertos Thunderbolt 3.

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Why does my screen go off when I open my Mac, beyond 45 degrees?

My screen goes off immediately when I open my system beyond an angle of 45 degrees.

I can no longer use my system and I was told I have to replace the screen.

Where can I get the entire display unit and can I fix this myself?

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Sadly, your display does indeed have a problem. One or more of the ribbon cables has failed these cables are part of the display assembly. So far I’ve not found the part on the open market so you’re only hope is to go to either an Apple Store or Apple authorized service center for them to do it. I strongly recommend you save your paperwork as I’m sure Apple will be offering a extended warranty program for this defect in the parts design.

If you have any bad or sticky keys, you might want to bring your system in for the free extended warranty program for it (Apple Store), see what happens when you don’t extend the display too far showing them the key defect, then when you pick up the system after the repair, extend the display see what they say and do ;-}

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Many thanks for this Dan. I actually sent it to an apple shop in Accra, Ghana. I was told the entire screen has to be replaced. I had my doubts whether the problem was diagnosed correctly. You may be right.

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@ericlartey - You'll see you're not alone here, I think we now have over 20 reports on IFIXIT now with display cable issues. All of the newer 2016 to 2018 13" & 15" models use the same design and all have been having the same run of issues.

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My MacBook Pro has the same problem just as yours. I left it on my desk for a couple of hours and when I turned to it, the screen just didn't show stuffs. I thought that it was a totally black screen but I wasn't, it was showing things but with extremely low brightness. Then I bought a monitor to keep using the macbook. Today when I opened macbook screen slowly, I found out that it can show things perfectly when the angle is below 60 degree, so it must be the cable issue.

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