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Some common and uncommon cables used with PCs

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plug in phone charging cord lose power

When i plug in a perfectly working charger cord now in any usb port in any device or plug it turns off or drains all the power of that device, charging bases just turn off, socket plugs make a high pitch noise, any other usb device connected to my pc stops working.

This started 3 days ago with a single charger port so i switched to another worked for 1 day but now it wont work at all in MY HOUSE, have used it at other peoples houses just fine not a single problem.

It is doing this to 2 of the same charging cord and has done so to 3 other similar cords now that I have had this happen, i can safely say the 3 other cords we tossed for not working did just not at our house.

Would love to know if this is fixable or what not

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It my be an electrical problem in your house

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