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The Keurig K55 can be identified by its model number, K55 Classic Series. Released December 2, 2015, the K55 supports both K Cups and traditional coffee grounds.

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No power into machine

I recently bought a Keurig K55 from bed baths and beyond. I was falsely sold this item by the sales rep. I asked if the machine would work in the uk and I was told to put a 3 pin adapter on the end of the plug and it would be fine. I done exactly this it started hearing the water and then suddenly stopped. Can I be told how to fix this and if I should use a voltage dropper convertor?

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Hi @veepatel

Confirm the input voltage on your Keurig K55

there should be a label mentioning about input voltage, e.g. 110V

In UK, voltage is supplied at 230V....

If your device is labelled at 110V and you connect it to 230V, likely is could be damaged.

I think you mean step down voltage transformer (drop voltage from 230V to 110V), you need to consider on your coffee maker power consumption also. Not all converter might be suitable of this.

update us first on your current machine voltage input.

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I'm guessing I have damaged it. Yes the voltage is 110v. Is there anyway of repairing it?

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Hi @veepatel

Well you may try opening up and check, hopefully would be just the power supply section is damaged.

take and share some pics with us

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Sure will do when I get home from work. Thanks for ur help

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Hi please find a picture below.

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Does anyone which power supply I have to buy as in model number etc...


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Block Image

here is the picture

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