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Rewiring a motor for 110 volts from 220 volt


I have a NutriBullet purchased in Dubai, designed to work on 220v system

Would like to convert to 110v operation in USA.

Rewiring would be easy if I knew which wires to reconnect.


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I thought that the wiring of the phases are in series for the 220 volt and I just have to change it to a parrellel connection. A simple change if someone could verify that the motor will turn in the same direction as the original design.

Mel (Original POSER)


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@mrmel rewiring the motor is really not the way to go about this. You would actually have to tap into the wiring of the motor and not the wiring that comes out of the motor now. You would need an up transformer to get the voltage required for the motor. Or you can get an electrician to install a 220V outlet for your mixer. Anything like this is more expensive than getting a Nutribullet that is built for teh north american market. OIr find a broken one an scavenge the parts from it to convert yours.

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