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Modelo PowerBook serie 1400. Lanzado en octubre de 1996

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Where can I get a Power Adapter?

I have looked everywhere and I can not find a power adapter to work with my 1400c.

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I may have one. Please give me the numbers off your old one and I’ll take a look.

UPDATE 9/1/18

I found this original for $20 and no tax:

This one has the correct power cable to wall plug for $28

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off of the old power supply or the laptop? I do not have the old power supply

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I was hoping the old power supply. We're going to have to figure out which one you need. First lets get a positive identification of your machine. This info may be printed on the back. We may also be able to find it via the serial number.

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Its a 1997 powwebook 1400c 1996. Family number: M3571 and I believe QF65106S963 is the serial number.

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