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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity, model NV755. It can convert from a push vacuum to a hand-held vacuum. Repairs and troubleshooting found here may also be applicable to models NV652 and NV752.

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Dust cup only fills at the top - have cleaned all filters!

I have a Shark Pet Pro-Liftaway, Model NV752. I recently changed all the filters, cleaned everything up, dried the filters thoroughly, and reinstalled. But only the top of the dust cup fills up; not the bottom. With 2 ragdoll cats and lots of wall-to wall carpet, I need to get this fixed. Help!!

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Hello! I recently started having the same problem as you and also after cleaning the filters. Have you found a solution?

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I wish I could help you but this is also happening to me and I have a golden retriever. It’s very frustrating.

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