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This is an ASUS laptop with a 15.6 inch monitor released in 2014, identified by part number R510LA-RS71.

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ASUS R510L screen not switching on after motherboard replacement


I have ASUS R510L that I' have change motherboard. Everything is working except the screen. When I connect to external monitor, I get output correctly. So my issue is with the screen. Also the computer fails to reset surely for I already upgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 10. I tried static energy discharge (holding power button for 30, 60, 120 seconds etc.) still can’t get the screen run up.

Any Guru advice to fix up will be appreciated.


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Check the connection from lcd to mobo is secure, it needs to be making good connection to get output to the display.

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Tkx @Minus. I've tried a lot of time but still not working. However, I ordered another cable connector hoping that is the issue, for the screen itself doesn't seem to have any flaw.

tkx again.

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