Asus C213 - power led keeps blinking - system does not turn on

Picked up a refurbished Asus C213SA to start testing Linux integration with ChromeOS as this laptop is on the approved list from Google. This is a Chromebook with soldered on eMMC and 4Gb of RAM. I charged the system overnight and the power led turned orange indicating it was charging when all of a sudden the light blinked white for a second, I did not think much of it and went to bed. This morning I was sure the system would have been charged but the led still shows orange and the power led is now blinking one long white, one short white and then turns back to orange. When pressing Refresh+ESC+Power the screen shows that ChromeOS is missing. I created a recovery USB for the REEF F2B-C4Q laptop (which shows up correctly) and recovery was successfully created. Recovery also is successful and upon removing the USB the system reboots but goes back to the blinking lights. For some reason, if my memory serves me well, the system is not able to initiate the eMMC drive, yet when I look at the output on VT3 it shows the system is restoring properly, so it does find the internal drive but does not want to boot. I am at a loss, other than sending the unit back to exchange.

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