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El VG248QE es un monitor para juegos de 24 pulgadas lanzado por Asus en enero de 2013. Funciona a 144 Hz y es compatible con Nvidia 3D Vision.

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Why it's not turning on?

When I plug it to the AC the power LED (blue) turns on but the screen won’t show anything. The screen leds are not even turning on so I suppose it has power related shortcut.

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Inside the monitor there is a power supply board, a logic board (motherboard) and the led panel of course. How many possibilities are there that the led panel is fried? I'm asking this because it would't be such a problem if I have to replace the boards, they are quite cheap, despite the led panel.

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this series had an issue with the power board. Disassemble it and take a look at the board for leaking, domed capcitors. Postsome images of your boars with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente for that.

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Try to connect to any other display device by using same hdmi cable if that too having the same issue change the cable and try again if this doesnt work for both the displays there must be a issue.

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Unfortunatelly when I press the Turn On button the monitor doesn't show anything, not even the lack of signal text. I'm starting to think it's a motherboard related issue.

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Are you able to connect to external display and do you receive any signal in external display

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