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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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black plastic bezel around screen replaceable?

I have an evo 4g and wanted to know if it is possible to replace the black plastic bezel that surrounds the screen. My glass and LCD are both fine, but I have a hairline crack in the bezel, and would love to replace if, its easy enough and not too expensive.

Looking at some of the breakdown guides it appears like the bezel may not be removable from the main body of the phone, but I wanted to confirm.

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If i understood ur questions... the bezel is glued to the glass

i have not come across that part by itself... i have seen it tho on ebay when someone is selling a parted out EVO.

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Agregar un comentario Check this out, I'm basicaly in the same situation. Concrete loves scratching that plasic but the screen is fine. Not too sure about how difficult this repair could be though...

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The bezel and digitizer are one piece, and it's really hard to separate the digitizer and LCD without breaking one or the other.

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