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GPD XD es una consola de juegos portátil basada en Android producida por la empresa china GamePad Digital, lanzada a fines de 2015. Tiene una sola pantalla táctil capacitiva y está optimizada para ejecutar emuladores y otro software nativo de Android.

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Can anybody tell me what type of micro USB socket I need for my GPD XD

Hi guys,

the micro USB socket of my GPD XD gaming console is broken and I would like to repair it by replacing it. But my problem is that I don’t know what type of micro USB socket i need to buy. Please see the pictures.

Can anybody help me making the right decision?

thanks a lot

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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for everybody who is interested what I have done after this issue. First of all I noticed that the socket used to be smd soldered on the PCB (printed circuit board) and I could not find anyone who is able to do this rework.

Then I ordered an Micro-USB adapter cable. Cut the cable and soldered the cable on the solder points. Now I can use the device and everything is wokring fine.


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i no undertand and i same problem ... please help

- de

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@mariosolis79995, User Ayrix is saying that they managed to remove the old socket from the board and, instead of replacing it with a new socket, they took a cord with a micro USB receptacle on one end and cut the wires, stripped them and soldered the bare wires directly to the circuit board. Now, instead of having a socket mounted in the chassis, they have a cord sticking out with a socket you plug your cord into.

That avoids the problem of finding the correct replacement part since any cord will work; it doesn't have to match up with the solder pads on the circuit board like a socket would. It would actually be possible to locate a replacement part as there are literally hundreds to choose from, but the problem here is that we can see from the photos the four solder points that provide the mounting for the socket, but we can't see the five solder pads where the pins of the connector solder onto. Without knowing what those look like, it's impossible to correctly identify a replacement.

If we could locate a picture of those solder pads I'd be happy to try and find a replacement.

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