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Released in November 2017, the Oppo F5 is the first smartphone to use an 18:9 display instead of 16:9. In spite of having a 6.0-inch screen, the F5's width is similar to the 5.5" display with 16:9. Models CPH1723 and CPH1727.

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Low Brightness even when adjust to full brightness

How can i improve the brightness. Its way too low compared to my friend’ s oppo f5

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My mobile oppo a83 this screen low brightnes plz help how full brighte screen light plz help me

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i have oppo f5 how to increase the briteness

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My Oppo A31 display brithness is too low after firmware flash. Pls help me

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My oppo a3s low britness help me

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Check if the Battery saving mode is ON or OFF.

If it is on you are limited on level of brightness you can select.

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it's off. have another solution

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You Hold the 3 buttons at a time power button , lower volume button and home button and you to restart the mobile

that will help any of the problem of the mobile

Thank You

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