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Stucks on the blank page with line looks like an underscore blinking

hi i dont know what happenned but when i switch on my dell vostro 1014 after i typed my password the it stucks to the page and there’s only a small line like underscore keep blinking , i tried to press the keyboard but nothing was being type there …

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Boot your laptop using Windows 7 installation DVD

on getting "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD" press any key

On "Install Windows" screen, select Repair your computer shown at lower left

In System Recovery Options screen, normally C: drive is default if any other you can make note of the name and click Next

Now in Chose a Recovery Tool window, open Command Prompt. Now You will be at X:\Sources directory

Type chkdsk c: /r and press Enter.

Let it run to completion undisturbed.

If Hard drive error you will get an error if not try to run repair windows atleast 3 times till it will not enter to startup.

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