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Quinta generación de iPad, lanzada en marzo de 2017. Disponible en Wi-Fi y LTE con opciones de almacenamiento de 32 y 128 GB. Cuenta con una pantalla Retina de 9,7 "y un procesador A9 de 64 bits.

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Confirmation of Ipad screen replacement

Good day,

I am trying to buy the screen for my Ipad Model 1822 on Amazon, but the screens that I am seeing has reviews saying that the screen did not fit their ipad 5. Can you please confirm if the screen would fit or send me a link for the Ipad 5 Digitizer not the LCD, just the digitizer.

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Most of those screens should fit, I believe the iPad Air, 2017, and 2018 iPads all share the same digitizer, the only difference being the home button. If you are not sure about the quality of the parts, iFixit carries replacement digitizers in their online store which will work just fine, and are higher quality than what you will find with Amazon/eBay.

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You can even use the iPad Air 1 digitizers on the iPad 5th gen (2017, A1822) the usual weak spot for the adhesive is the bottom right of the screen where the digitizer ribbon cables are.

To stop it from pushing up using b7000 liquid glue at that spot is required.

Once glue is added it needs to set which takes about 24 hours for full strength, you can use scotch tape to keep the glass pushed down at that spot for the mean time to let it set.


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