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How do I remove the back from a UN55KS800DFXZA?

I need to remove the back cover from my Samsung UN55KS800DFXZA. so that I can replace the main board. There appear to be no screws around the perimeter.

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this should work for your TV

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks for replying, but is there a way to post it so the text is legible and your will to help can be appreciated?


@bodine click on the images to enlarge those.


Thanks, tried that just before you replied. On my way to buy a new tv - anything but Samsung. Loyal customer for so many years, but all their products are dying like disposable trinkets. I have 1 12 year old samsung tv that has outlived 7 subsequent Samsung devices. If they were priced like disposables, i might stick with it. Thanks again.


I agree. they are all going the same way Samsung, LG, Sony,Vizio are all the same. Skip loyalty and buy the least expensive TV you can get. At least that way you won't be disappointed if it croaks in a year or two


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