After replacing battery, touch screen does not work


I used your iPhone 5 battery replacement kit and seemed to do everything fine during the steps. Now there is no sensitivity on the screen, can’t touch to select top row of icons, can’t swipe to turn off, etc. Just in the top part of the screen. Any ideas what has gone wrong?


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"Just in the top part of the screen"?

You could try re-seating it but that might be a bad part

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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I tried resetting but still did not fix. Unfortunately the touch screen is even worse now and most of the sensitivity, or ability to touch icons or swipe, has gone from most of the screen. Or I touch an icon on the bottom row to open an app, and it opens an icon on the top row!


If you still have it, you could try reconnecting your old screen to see if it still works for touch (assuming you replaced it because it was cracked). If it works ok then you might have gotten a replacement screen and in that case I'd contact the seller to discuss warranty.

There's really only two things it could be - either the screen or the logic board. If you can rule out the screen, then you could probably replace the device for less than it would take to have someone repair the logic board


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