Shutter flaps sticking open - assembly diagram needed

I was following a tutorial on how to clean the shutter flap assembly when the inner and external ring fell apart... I have the 2 tiny pins and springs but I need a diagram or video showing me how to put these back together in the correct formation ( or a link to where I can buy a new ring. The camera is in perfect working order with the exception that now it does not have any shutter mechanism. Can anyone help ? Please... there is one youtube video but without a close up the guy could be doing anything as the parts are so incredibly small

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I find the best way to tackle this sort of problem is to put it aside for a day or so and let your subconscious work on the problem, having studied it carefully and tried all the ways you can think of to reassemble it. But re-attatching or reinserting small springs can be very challenging. Above all, try not to bend them. You will find a good set of tweezers invaluable, such as Precision Tweezers Set

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