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Presentada en marzo de 2009, la Mac Pro (principios de 2009) introdujo la arquitectura Nehalem de Intel en la línea de escritorio profesional de Apple e introdujo un interior sutil y rediseñado que se mantuvo hasta las actualizaciones de CPU de 2010 y 2012.

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How To I Load MacOS?

I Found An Old Mac Pro Without An Hard Drive. I Was Able To Put In A WD Hard Drive But I Have Not Found A Way To Load The OS.

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Owen, first find out what year your machine is. The reason is the The 2009 model will not upgrade to High Sierra without an EFI flash. Also the 2006-2008 model look very similar to the later machines but will only take up to a maximum of El Capitan.

Go here and input your serial number then let us know what you have.

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I'm not too sure on macs as a whole, and which OS's are compatible with which devices. I'm a PC guy because I like the flexibility they give me. but, if logic follows, even if you cant use High Sierra on this device, it should work the same regardless of the OS you decide to install.

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Scott, OK answer, but to many holes in it, please leave Mac questions to Mac people.

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well, do you have any literature with information on macs, so that i can learn and assist the community more? i wish to become as helpful as possible.

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Scotty, well that's a whole mountain of information and years of experience. You would do well to go back and start reading all the answers that @danj and I have given over the last ten years. My area of expertise are Apple products prior to the advent of the Retina machines. Dan handles the 2012 Retinas and newer machines.

You might want to put a link on your profile to yourself and your company so people might be able to contact you for things like reballing.

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