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No power to amps

I have a double amp setup for my truck. Arc Audio XDI 1100.1 for my 2 GS12D4's and a Arc Audio 300.4 for my Morel 6.5" and tweeters.

my 1100.1 failed first, about a week ago. It had been warm in the truck (108 degrees outside), but it wasn't turned up, kept the subs down and the amplifier just started to cut the subs in and out and now there is no power to the amp. Tried replacing all 30w fuses, it flashed on and then died but there were no sparks, no fuses were burnt etc.

The 300.4 failed yesterday, while I was trying to fiddle with the bad amp it popped a fuse, so I replaced the fuse and now both amps have no power, nothing at the fuses, no problem codes or lights etc.

The ground is solid and the positive I tested and has power to it.

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I never had any problems with arc audio stuff but the best i can tell u yo take to the shop yhis amps are beast and if u are in California i know a shop my friend they mainly do arc audio je can help u fix it

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Sorry didnt see the auto correct

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