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Panasonic Blu Ray DVD player, released in 2013, model number BD89. The BD89 has WiFi capabilities, allowing it to access streaming apps.

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I’m not getting sound when movie plays

I get sound until the movie starts then there’s no sound

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You will need to check the sound options available on that Blu-Ray disc (these will normally be Dolby Digital or DTS). If they are in a different sound format, then your Home Cinema may not be able to process one of the formats. You will need to go into the menu on the Blu-Ray unit and change the digital audio output for that format from Bitstream to PCM. Also check the HDMI cable test it with another cable. If the cable it gets bent or pulled might damage one of the pins. Usually it's the cable goes bad.

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One thing you want to check for, is where you plugged in your cable into the tv. if its the three little circle lookin ones, your gonna wanna match the colors, although, sometimes, not all the colors will match, and you will have to mix them. but definitely check your movie settings. also, make sure your not connected to any speaker.

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