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Call "Ended" Almost Instantly


I have a iPhone 7 where as soon as you make a call, it says 'call ended'

I have restored the phone to no prevail as well as trying other sims.

I would assume it has something to do with one of the phones IC chips? thought i would check before proceeding any further.

Thank you!

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That's an odd symptom...does the phone do anything else weird, especially regarding audio or antenna functions? Also, has the phone been physically damaged or repaired in the past?

Seeing as how you have already tried restring the device, it doesn't appear to be software related.

If the call just ends, that could be an indication that there is an issue with staying connected with the cellular network. You could try your sim card in another device or try a known-good sim card in yours. Otherwsie, there could be a logic board issue and the iPhone 7 has some very well documented issues with the Baseband CPU and Audio IC.

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