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Riding lawn mower will turn over but not start

I'd replace the starter solenoid the battery I've clean the carburetor I checked the fuel shut off and it works I change the spark plug I have fuel going to the carburetor still it turns over but will not start it's a Scott's 17 horsepower not sure what else to do please help and I also bypass the safety switch just to make sure that wasn't it

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Joseph Gary does your mower have a spark? What make and model is the mower?

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Will it start with starting fluid? I would take the spark plug out and see if your getting a spark. If it still wont start. The cylinder wall or piston rings mite be damaged causing very low compression.

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Hey sorry I'm new to this site didn't even realize I had a response it won't start with starter fluid I open the valve cover and the exhaust valve there's a washer and a little peace not sure what it is fell right off it goes in between the spring and the other piece LOL I'll post a picture

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