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Procesador Core 2 Duo de 2, 2.26, 2.53 o 2.66 GHz

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What is the deal with special install disc?

So I have one of these babies, but it is troubled: I do not have a viable install disc to repair the HDD disc, (which is needed) . So can I use just my Snow leopard install disc to do the disc repair, without messing things up?

Update (07/12/2018)

I did this, and Disc Utility seems satisfied in that the HDD is no longer corrupt. But it still cannot load Itunes even after repeated permission repairs and a supposedly OK disc. I have 10.6.8 on this machine.

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You’ll need to re-install iTunes but you’ll need to find one thats correct for your OS release. Go to the iTunes file and right click on it to get to the info pane to find the version info then go here to get the same release Apple Downloads

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Yep. Boot up from the Snow Leopard, go to the second screen of the install. The pull down menu will appear. Go to Utilities > Disk Utilities and run it.

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