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Página de dispositivo para Breville Dual Boiler BES900 - BES900XL con guías de reparación y ayuda de resolución de problemas.

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Pressure gauge not working

Pressure gauge on my BES830XL/A does not work. Tried descaling with no effect. Also used cling wrap test to verify that the gauge itself in not working.

Assume pressure port somewhere is clogged not allowing the gauge to work. Any ideas on fixing this problem.

There is no movement on the pressure gauge.

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2 Respuestas

You first want to use the Rubber seal in your Dual Filter and run a test. (This basically safely chokes the machine and will create the most amount of pressure). if your gauge is in fact working then it might be your water valve.

If you don’t have any readings while running it with the rubber then i would initially suspect damaged or weak water pump, followed by solenoid.

Check the line that runs from solenoid to gauge if you dont see any water moving through there im pretty sure it will be the water pump. You can also check those lines for obstructions

If after doing these test you don’t have any readings then yes the gauge is probably shot. There’s videos on YouTube to replace. Not extremely hard to do, just time consuming disassembling and putting back together

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My pressure gauge is also not working\not moving at all even with the rubber seal in place. But coffee \ water is flowing. There is a long delay once the machine starts running until the water\coffee starts to flow.

just a faulty gauge?

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I have a similar problem in that my pressure only gets to 4 (with rubber seal; 2-3 with coffee). It seems to make decent espresso still - good crema etc. but it’s super frustrating not knowing if I could be getting a better coffee each morning

- de

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