JBL Flip 3 battery doen’t even last half an hour

My 1 year old JBL Flip 3 drains very quickly. In about 20 to 30 minutes, the speaker ran out of juice. But weirdly if I wait long enough (without charging) and turn it on again, it will have 4 to 5 battery left and can continue to play for the same amount of time (20-30 minutes). Anybody have a similiar experience? I asked about the price for battery replacement, but it cost half the price of this speaker.

- This speaker has been newly repaired (with warranty). It produced strange sounds (especially in a heavy bass music) and the battery died within minutes.

- Also, ever since I got this speaker, the charging indicator is always weird. When I charge the speaker, it jumps from the 1st LED to 4th LED. And the 4th LED keeps blinking and never reached the 4th LED.

- Also, for those who experienced in owning JBL speakers, does problems like this often happen to JBL speakers? I’m planning to upgrade to JBL Charge 3 if my speaker fails

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Same with me man. The quality of sound is great but the battery sucks

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The same thing happened to me. Mine is jbl flip 4 tho. Very disappointed in jbl products it didnt even made it for 1 year without getting damaged. I just charge it now always while playing music so it’s not portable for me anymore

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Same here. The battery life was good for some time then went down all of a sudden. Now I'm lucky if I can play for half an hour. The light then goes immediately from one to four, always blinking when I put the speaker on charge.

I don't have any problem with the sound but the battery is really annoying me, particularly with a brand like this one.

Now it's always connected to the mains so it's not portable anymore.

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Im not sure on the warranty....... normally after a repair.... for out of warranty products, they are covered with 90 days. suggest you check with the service center.

Seems that the battery has been worn out... either that has to get a replacement battery for DIY repairs.

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Unfortunately though the battery is glued to the battery socket (what a dumb design decision that is). So the battery is impossible for me (or my local repair shop) to change

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