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A Panasonic digital camera released in September 2013. The camera features 60x optical zoom and HD video and sound

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SD card error problem

I have a Panasonic DMC- FZ7. The problem is that I get a message come up saying that there is an error with the card and to check it. I have the SD card which it says is compatible in the manual. I put the card in my laptop and other camera and it works fine in them. But once I put it in this camera, it sort of freezes and doesn't let me go on the menu or take pictures or anything. After that, the error message comes up and I can't get rid of it.

Is it the camera or the card? And how can I fix it.

Things I've tried:

Formatting the card in my laptop

Resetting the camera

Neither worked.

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Have you tried to format the card with the camera ?

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It won't let me. Once I put the card in the camera, it's like it freezes. It won't let me scroll on the menu. It opens up but won't scroll.


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