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How do I take off the foil cover of a TI-84 plus calculator?

I am a junior in high school and I have a TI-84 Plus calculator, the screen of which has a few horizontal lines of dead pixels (the bag it was in was damp), but everything else works. I am trying to take the calculator apart in order to fix this problem, but I am unable to take off the foil cover. I have seen and read that there are supposed to be two screws holding the foil cover in place but I don't see any visible screws. Also, in other calculators of this same exact model the foil cover extends further, but in mine almost half of the circuit board is exposed.

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Block Image

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Hi @yellowtimewhale

It seems that on this revision, they had melted the plastic to hold the foil.

From my experience, use an exact o knife / penknife (use with caution) to carefully scrap the plastic out.

The Foil shield bottom should be a double sided tape adhesive which is used to hold and stick to the calculator mainboard.

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Thank you. Yep I thought that something was different about this calculator.


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