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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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Problem with yamaha P95 Keyborad

I'm having an issue with my Yamaha P95. Some keys blast very loud without even touching them when playing some chords. I've been facing this problem for 1 week now. I only bought the piano 3 weeks ago second hand and the first 2 weeks everything was working perfectly fine. I tried to clean all the dust inside the piano but I can't really open the top and reach under the keys. I dont really know if the dust is even a problem or maybe the moist and cold Sydney air. One thing I noticed is that under the keys the is a very creamy texure sticking, almost like vaseline. I really need help as I cant play at all like this. Any assist would be highly appreciated.

Here the problem:

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In viewing your video, YouTube gave me this one as a suggestion:

Looks like it may be the answer, and even if not, should give you an insight into how to open your keyboard and how it works. From what I can make out, beneath each key are 2 switches, each consisting of a set of 2 interwoven tracks. Pressing a key presses a conductive rubber pad onto the tracks, linking them and closing the switch. One of the 2 switches is arranged to close a little earlier in the downward travel of the key than the other, and the electronics uses the time difference to deduce how hard you struck the key.

If I heard him right, the guy in that video used spit to clean the contacts! Not sure I'd agree with that. Get some isopropyl alcohol. The conductive rubber may equally be to blame. But before trying to clean that, clean the ones on the very lowest or very highest key and make sure you don't make them worse. It could just be a layer of graphite on the rubber which might rub off with cleaning.

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