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Released 2001 by Thomson multimedia Inc. The RCA RP3715A is a radio alarm clock equipped with AM and FM radio frequency reception, an audible alarm clock function inclusive of snooze, nap, and sleep settings. This device has a memory holding system which is powered by a 9-volt battery.

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How to change alarm to radio station on wake up

How do I change the alarm to radio station on wake up?

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@earlgarrett try this

Waking by Selected Source Programme

You may be woken up by music or alarm.

1. Select an AM or FM station. (refer to “Tuning the Stations”)

2. Set wake time (see above direction).

3. Press the current setting alarm mode (WAKE 1 or WAKE 2 to select waking up by music or alarm. A green indicator is up next to the selected setting.

4. Adjust the volume by turning VOLUME.

Note: When you turn off the alarm or the radio by pressing ON/OFF, the alarm or the radio will turn on at the same time tomorrow.

Setting the Wake Time

This clock radio has two separate alarms.

You need to set each of them individually.

1. Slide the function selector to WAKE 1 or WAKE 2.

2. Press REV or FWD to set the wake time. The time decrements or increments will follow by a fast rate when you press and hold REV or FWD.

3. Wake time is set. A green indicator is up on the left-hand side when WAKE 1 is activated while on the right-hand side when WAKE 2 is activated.

4. To disable WAKE function, press and hold WAKE 1 or WAKE 2 button until the indicator disappears.

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