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Procesador Intel de doble núcleo modelo A1502 / 2.4, 2.6 o 2.8 GHz / Lanzado en octubre de 2013

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MacBook Pro late 2013 13” PPN001 PFM006 fan at full speed and slow

My MacBook Pro late 2013 suddenly became slow and fun running at full speed, due to the region I’m in there is no autorized apple support store, went to a apple reseller and they told me that the battery is causing the problem due to old age and 1030 more cycles. I have TP showing that the battery is actually at good condition but GPU temperature senseor might not be working properly and coconut battery app showing the battery in good condition. Used the apple diagnostic and got PFM006 and there many be an issue with the power management system ref code PPN001, which I can’t find any of this ref code.

PPN001 not typo see photo.

Block Image

Any ideas, please

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This error is often related to liquid damage (corrosion around the battery connector). Did you have a spill or sit the system down on a wet surface? It’s also possible the area where you live is very humid which can also cause issues.

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Hi dan, thanks for answering, I just went to another store, they opened the back case, and one of the six pack is inflated, do you think it is posible that this is the reason? They still insist that changing the battery will fix it.

I was living in a very dry region and traveled to a quiet humid region for a week when the problem started, will changing the battery solve the problem?

Thanks again.

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Yes a swollen battery does need to be replaced!

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Same problem happend to my MBP 11,1. The battery pack is OK. Tried with refit and SmcFasher.efi -reset 1 to reset my SMC, because Shift-Ctrl-Alt didnt work. SMC reset via refit has no effect. Think, that my Logic board is broken

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Guys try replacing the keyboard.

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@jethro1000 - Altering the firmware to fix a bad keyboard is not a smart thing! Sounds like you has a liquid spill and you need to replace the keyboard and/or trackpad

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Thank you very much - same problem was with my Mac and replaced touchpad fixed it.

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I had the same issue with my MacBook pro open it up to take a look at the trackpad as the trackpad was unresponsive intermittently. The owner that I got the MacBook from must have spilled something near the trackpad as the water indicator was bright red and I had some corrosion on the track pad itself. Same diagnosis fan running at full right after boot up and the system is just overloaded and slow. $40 later on used trackpad on eBay and the issue is fixed. Since I already had the battery off which was a pain to unglue I went ahead and installed a new battery as well since I already had it open. But the issue was fixed before the battery was installed. Hope this helps at all

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